Spiritual Growth in Creation

Family Peace Association conducts “Outdoor Adventure Workshops” for all ages above elementary school that involve more intensive experiences in nature.

FPA’s Outdoor Adventure Programs offer participants experiential learning opportunities in the greatest classroom of all – God’s pristine Creation. Immersed in a wilderness setting, participants have the opportunity to apply theoretical principles in a challenging environment that tests and cultivates their character and spirit.

Activities range from hiking 10,000 foot peaks, 4 day overnight hikes, orienteering competitions, 30-hour solo reflection times, campfire bonding talks and more.

Program Objectives:

Cultivate Intellectual Honesty

Unlike the environments participants are used to in contemporary society, nature provides un-abridged feedback to their decisions and actions. Nature gives participants the opportunity to see themselves honestly based on the immediate feedback provided by nature.

Personal Relationship with God

Participants are encouraged to seek a genuine, personal relationship with God during the adventure workshop. Free from the distractions of modern civilization, participants are guided to focus their attention on the more essential matters of life. Insincere attitudes and too casual behavior are discouraged in order to challenge participants to reflect more deeply and sincerely on their spiritual lives.


Ample time is given at the end of each day for journal writing and reflection. As the goal for the day’s experiences is to internalize valuable lessons and apply them to daily life after the program, written reflections are an essential part of the program.

Challenging your limitations

Based on an honest self-assessment of their current spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state, participants are given opportunities to challenge their limitations to expedite their growth and development and make a habit of striving for excellence. Participants set internal and external goals daily, while also being guided on the importance of choosing goals that will not needlessly endanger the safety of themselves or others.


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