Marriage and Family Education

Peaceful families are the substantial building blocks for a peaceful world. The Family Peace Association brings a new approach to spiritual life with a core focus of providing principle-based educational content for the entire family. FPA believes marriage is a blessing from God that grants couples the gift of co-creation with God as they build God-centered families by bringing new life into this world.

FPA provides profound and indispensable marriage and family education that provides the foundation for truly happy and meaningful marriages and families blessed by God. FPA is continuously developing its marriage and family education content. Central to FPA’s family education is “true love,” an unconditional love that originates and emulates the character of God the creator.


Marriage Preparation

Students experience God's love in nature.

Family Peace Association believes marriage is a blessing bequeathed by God through which a couple which unites the masculine and feminine aspects of God who become parents who form a God-centered family. FPA’s approach to marriage focuses on the joining of two families who form a new lineage that expands into an extended family that is passed on through generations living harmoniously .

Marriage preparation workshops are available for high school age and above. Workshops are held every quarter. Education content includes the significance and purpose of marriage, how to make a commitment, purity and preparation before marriage, complementary aspects of masculinity and femininity, and how to cultivate good relationships in the extended family.

An outdoor adventure component is included in marriage preparation workshops to allow participants to reflect on the education and how to apply it in their life. Personal mentoring is also available to help guide each participant in their personal journey to prepare for a healthy God-centered marriage.

Couples Education

True love requires patience and effort. It is a long-term investment towards an eternal relationship. FPA runs monthly programs for young couples, covering various topics relevant to couples that are striving for a God-centered relationship of true love.

Examples of Couples’ Workshop Topics:

  • What it means to be a God-centered couple
  • How to invite God into our relationship
  • The unique value and qualities of man and woman
  • Building a holistic relationship
  • Preparing to be a good father and mother
  • Sexual relationship of true love
  • Building an extended family
Students experience God's love in nature.

Parent Education

Students experience God's love in nature.

The parent-child relationship defines the relationship between God and human beings. When people become parents and experience intense unconditional love for their children, they get a taste of God’s heart towards humanity. God feels tremendous joy when his children grow to resemble His character, just as a parent feels great pride and joy as their child grows and matures. It is the desire of every parent that their children grow up to become respectable citizens that are able to contribute to society, and create a loving family of their own. FPA conducts regular meetings on parenting as well as organizes Family Workshops for more in-depth education.

Young parents’ meetings are held monthly for parents with infants or toddlers. Discussion is based off of books written by experts on parenting and marriage relationships.

Topics Include:

  • What is your child’s love language?
  • How do you discipline your child?
  • How do you create a good family culture?
  • How do you deal with siblings’ rivalry?
  • What is your view on academic education?
  • How do you cultivate your child’s character?

Family Support, Counseling and Intervention Services

FPA provides support for family through small group meetings and one on one family visitations to help families overcome various challenges that may emerge between couples, between parents and children and crisis that children may face.

Our Programs

We offer programs for every age group that provide education and support to cultivate healthy, purpose-driven families.


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