Core Values Life

Core Values for Life (CVL) is Family Peace Association’s a spiritual community for young adults.

Age range: 17 (after high school) to young professionals. Those who are married and are beginning family life usually move on to join the Young Families’ Programs.

Mission Statement: CVL is a faith community of young adults that supports each other in developing qualities essential to raising a healthy God-centered family.

CVL Values







Living for the Greater Good

Living for the Greater Good is the most essential core value of CVL. As stated in the Mission Statement, CVL aims to prepare young adults to raise healthy God-centered families. In a healthy family, every member strives every day to practice true love, which means willingly and joyfully sacrificing one’s desires for the benefit of others. The family is the school of love where one expands their heart through the “Four Great Realms of Heart”. Such a family expands their love out to the greater community through acts of service.



Each person needs to own their relationship with God and their knowledge of the truth. Weekly study sessions are held for the research of Divine Principle, and other holy texts. CVL also encourages learning about the beliefs of other faiths in order to gain a richer understanding of various beliefs and come to one’s own conclusions of what is true. Young adults in CVL also learn to articulate their beliefs through outreaching to colleagues.



CVL takes mentorship seriously. Mentoring is about guiding the growth and development of others. Everyone in CVL is assigned a mentor and mentee. Mentees are at least a year younger than their mentor. Being is a mentor is not always easy – it can be frustrating at times especially when the mentee is not responsive. In CVL, we have developed guidelines of how to be a good mentor. Investing one’s whole heart into the spiritual growth another person is great training for future parenting.


Dream Big

Before one can conquer the universe, he/she must first conquer himself/herself. In order to achieve great things, one must have self-mastery. Often times, the greatest obstacle in life is oneself. CVL emphasizes the importance of striving for excellence in everything one does. It is the hope of Family Peace Association that young people in CVL are trained to become great moral leaders in society.

Students experience God's love in nature.

Regular Actives of CVL:

• Mentorship meetings (bi-weekly)
• Service Projects (quarterly)
• Principle Workshops (bi-annual)
• Principle Research Study Groups (bi-weekly)
• Adventure Programs (bi-annual)
• Nation-wide Video Conference Calls (bi-weekly)
• Fellowship Gatherings (up to local community)

Our Programs

We offer programs for every age group that provide education and support to cultivate healthy, purpose-driven families.


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