Core Values Academy

Core Values Academy (CVA) is a weekly educational program with age-appropriate curriculum that supports children in the development and growth of their spiritual lives. Children learn about the nature of God and their identity and destiny as God’s children. The lessons and activities encourage students to continuously develop their relationships with God in their families and daily lives.

The Core Values Academy is supported in each community through the joint effort of staff, volunteer teachers and parents.

Curriculum is available for preschool to high school.

Learning Objectives


I am a child of God

Every child knows they are a precious child of God.
CVA strives to empower its students with full conviction of their identity as God’s cherished sons and daughters. Students are encouraged to develop their relationship with God and deepen their understanding of their direction and purpose in life.

Family is the School of Love

Students learn and grow to love in the family.  God created this world to be one overflowing with love where everyone lives for the sake of others. CVA guides students to continuously develop their hearts of love starting in their families as children to their parents and siblings to their brothers and sisters. They are encouraged to expand their heart to embrace their extended family.

Healthy Lifestyle

Every child develops healthy daily habits as the foundation for a life of excellence. CVA encourages students to strive for excellence. Students learn to offer their best efforts as a way of honoring God. Great deeds are the fruits of self mastery in their daily lifestyle. Students are given perspectives and tools to cultivate healthy life habits as a foundation of a successful life.

Living for the World

Every child learns to use his/her unique talents and abilities to serve their community. God has given each person unique talents and abilities as a way to serve the greater good. At CVA, students are given opportunities to develop their talents to benefit their larger community, nation and world.

Our Approach

Core Values Academy is designed with our learning objectives in mind. Everything from the classroom setting, the teachers and assistants, and the home-academy connection is done with our goals in mind.

Students experience God's love in nature.

Learning in the Classroom and through Experience

CVA classes are conducted both in and out of the classroom. Teachers give students key concepts and encourage them to bring the concepts to life and experience the subject in reality. Lessons are designed to help students cultivate their understanding of God through intimate, personal experiences.


CVA teachers are volunteer parents and college students from the community committed to educating and raising the next generation. Teachers are aided by assistant teachers who are high school and college students. Together they develop weekly lesson plans based on CVA curriculum goals. Lessons incorporate the teaching team’s creativity and personal experience to optimize the students’ learning experience.

Students experience God's love in nature.
Students experience God's love in nature.

Assistant Teachers

Assistant teachers are high school and college age volunteers. Mentoring younger members of the community is an opportunity for volunteers to learn the importance of personal example and what it means to to love unconditionally.

Parent Involvement

Parents are a crucial part of CVA to secure the important connection between family life and the lessons of CVA that help nurture students’ spiritual growth. Many lead teachers and volunteers are parents.  Parents are also invited as guest speakers to share their wisdom and testimony. Other parents offer their talents and skills such as cooking and foreign language.

Students experience God's love in nature.

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