Aspiring Together with the Aoki Family

1. I Gave Up Sweets for My Son
2. I Became A Better Dad Through My Hobby
4. Benefits of the Extended Family
5. Raising Children to Be Good Stewards
6. Our Marriage Has Grown Stronger Each Year
7. Mom is the Heart of the Family
8. Why You Should Appreciate Your Spouse
9. Unique Contributions of Mom and Dad
10. Taking Time for Each Child
11. The Family Huddle
12. The Wonderous, Distinct Roles in the Family

In order for us to have a meaningful spiritual journey in our family life, we need to make intentional lifestyle choices.

Though God designed the family model, spiritual growth does not happen automatically. FPA families believe that God gave each one of us a responsibility to raise our families by making certain choices. Making our families schools of love is part of our responsibility.

The Aoki couple mention the “family huddle” as an intentional choice they made to help their children to reflect on their days and end them positively. This is a good example of a family practice that encourages spiritual growth.

Here are some other examples of such family practices:

  • Praying out loud: Show by example how to connect to God personally
  • Make family goals and write them out
  • Dinner table discussion: How did you feel God’s love today?
  • Have meaningful conversations during car rides
  • Make visual charts for practicing new habits (exercise, sharing, helping with chores, saying “hello” to a new person, etc.)

What are some intentional practices you have in your family? Or what are some new practices that you would like to start today?