Aspiring Together with the Aoki Family

1. I Gave Up Sweets for My Son
2. I Became A Better Dad Through My Hobby
4. Benefits of the Extended Family
5. Raising Children to Be Good Stewards
6. Our Marriage Has Grown Stronger Each Year
7. Mom is the Heart of the Family
8. Why You Should Appreciate Your Spouse
9. Unique Contributions of Mom and Dad
10. Taking Time for Each Child
11. The Family Huddle
12. The Wonderous, Distinct Roles in the Family

Challenges in family life are opportunities because family is a safe place to learn.

Family relationships are bound to include difficulties, pain and disappointments because they are the closest and most personal. However, these challenges can become springboards for growth as a family if we choose to address them in the right way. Family is meant to be a safe place to try new things, make mistakes and learn because the bonds in the family are absolute and love is meant to be unconditional.

The Aoki Family Journal brings up the natural experience of challenge in the family setting.