Core Values for Life

Core Values for Life (CVL) is a community of college-age young adults who seek to grow and develop their relationships with God through discussions on topics relevant to this age group: topics related to living a God-centered life amidst secular environments, such as college campuses and society, and preparing for a healthy marriage and family life.

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Regular Activities of CVL


Bi-Weekly Video Calls

CVL holds video calls every other week where members discuss various topics of interest to this age group. There is a facilitator of the call who has prepared questions on the topic, and the discussion is open for everyone to share their thoughts on the topic to help each other reach deeper conclusions and realizations. Members have very valuable wisdom to share from their diverse life experiences. 

Some examples of topics are:

  • How can I talk about my faith with people I meet in school?
  • How can we cultivate self-discipline in our daily lives?
  • How can I pray on a deeper level?
  • How do we balance religion and science, and find the intersection between the two?
  • How can I prepare myself to build a God-centered marriage and family in the future?

Each call is one hour long. For certain topics, guest speakers are invited to share their insights and offer time for Q&A.

CVL Workshops

These annual workshops provide an environment for CVL members to gather in one place and solely focus on their relationships with God and spirituality, apart from the distractions they may normally face. During this time, speakers and panelists are invited to present on a variety of topics that help CVL members learn ways to connect to God in daily life, one step at a time. Some examples of topics have been:

  • Connecting to God through music/songs
  • Spending time praying/reflecting in nature
  • Importance of keeping healthy habits, and cutting off from negative habits
  • How to evaluate where we’re at in terms of our spiritual maturity

Life Tips & Tools

Unplug: Lessons From Nature

Unplug: Lessons From Nature

Nature is one of the greatest classrooms life has to offer. College students from across the United States would learn many lessons in just a short week of their summer in the wilderness of Montana. Although a challenge to literally unplug from their normal daily...

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Core Values for Life: Tackling the Topic of Judgment

Core Values for Life: Tackling the Topic of Judgment

Have you witnessed someone being judged or been judged yourself? Have you caught yourself judging someone else? Judgment is a topic that is relevant to everyone at every age. This week, Core Values for Life (CVL) invited college and young professional from across the...

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Setting the Standard of Tradition: CVL Talks Parenthood

Setting the Standard of Tradition: CVL Talks Parenthood

"It’s never too early to think about what kind of parents you want to become." Core Values for Life holds bi-weekly video conference calls for college and young professionals to explore topics on the qualities essential to raising a healthy God-centered family. In the...

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