Community Guidelines

FPA members are welcome to make perspective submissions to

As part of this effort, we invite our members and associates to submit thoughts, ideas, opinions and perspectives that contribute to building peace in the family and in greater society. We strive to provide a platform to share these things, but any and all Perspectives page submissions are from and by our members and so do not necessarily reflect the views of the organization.

Should you choose to submit something to this page, we request that you observe the following guidelines:

1) Use respectful language. While you are welcome to express your thoughts, we ask that you do so with respect and consideration for others.

2) Write on topics relevant to the FPA audience. We are focused on strengthening and empowering people to build God-centered families.

3) All submitted posts will include the author’s name unless specifically requested otherwise. We may or may not be able to honor requests to post anonymously.


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