Pacific Peace Center

6328 180th St SW

Lynnwood, WA 98037

Join an immersion experience that will help shape new thinking, new perspectives, and new approaches to your personal development and family relationships. Gain knowledge and tools to be applied at home. Connect to a larger community of like-minded individuals on this journey that is the family.

Each session includes a presentation, on-site practice, and discussion. Interaction between participants will continue outside of presentation days throughout the course period.

Topics of discussion will include:

Principles of building a strong family, effective communication in the family, how to manage challenges in the family, etc.

No obligations attached. You must be 18 or older to participate.


The Family Peace Association brings focus to the profound significance of the family as the cornerstone of a world of peace. By engaging individuals, families and organizations, we seek to build a global movement to inspire, promote, and cultivate God-centered families. We work in partnership with like-minded individuals and organizations to provide education and support for individuals and families to build strong, healthy, loving families.

The Family Peace Association recognizes time-honored spiritual principles and values upheld by most faith traditions but does not promote any specific church or religion.


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