By Mike Yakawich 

What is love? When you pour yourself a glass of water, offer one to your partner. That is living for the sake of another. Love is simple.

What is love? Love is sometimes complex. If the other person is too much, love is the answer. If they are too tall or too short, thin or not, love is the answer. Always remember; Patience is golden.

Marriage revolves around basic virtues like Patience, Trust, Respect, Honor, Encouragement, and Support. We all have idiosyncrasies. It is good to overlook any faults in another and see beyond their quirks and oddities.

Trust is knowing they have your best interest at heart. So, believe in them as well. We respect one another with Dignity through kind words and actions and Honor each person as a son or daughter of God. We are the Kings and Queens of the home! Encourage each other to do our best and share positive reinforcement. In all of this, a couple is supportive of each other, even filling in for a partner’s weaknesses and uplifting them in front of others.

There are many books, CDs, podcasts, and other materials at our fingertips to learn about marriage. A walk through the local library will present amazing books to ponder, reflect on and learn from. Surfing the internet opens even wider vistas. We are all students of love whether married one month or 40 years. It is exciting, challenging, but very rewarding. In this journey, there is so much we can learn from others as well. Elders in marriage can be your mentors. I carry the motto: “Be Kind, Ask Questions, Listen.” In this frame of mind, we are able to earn our own educational degree in marriage.

Always strive to support words with action. As one person stated, “I cannot hear you, for your actions are speaking louder than your words.” Take those baby steps in love and heart to display your sincere care. Yes, we will falter and stumble at times, we may hurt each other with unkind words in the heat of the moment. We are imperfect beings. Yet, it is why we apply what I mentioned earlier: the virtues that will help us restore, heal, and help us through the tough times.

It is my firm belief that a True Man does not hurt a lady. We honor her and treat her with dignity which implies a reciprocal action. It is nice to hold the door open and be polite. Words such as “thank you”, “please”, “you are welcome”, and “excuse me” are precious expressions to be used as much as possible.

I hope this brief message inspires and encourages you. May it guide you through the fantastic path called “marriage”. Together, each of you will add much more to these words. Thus, I believe in you and your capacity to be a very successful couple in love, marriage and creating a wonderful family of your own.

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