Anyone interested in our current national and world situation will appreciate this new book:The Triumph of Good: Divine Providence, The Cain, Abel Paradigm, And the End of Marxism by Thomas Cromwell.

I was intrigued and purchased a copy from Amazon. You can even read a sample. ($9 Kindle and $20 paperback: I prefer the Kindle version as it is cheaper, and more manageable than the 560 page paper version. But both have the exact same content. Your preference!) Oh, and don’t be put off by the size of this tome. Mr.Cromwell’s narrative is the first half. The second half is filled with bibliographies, copious notes, source material, etc.

I very highly recommend this to all. It unapologetically presents the biblical Cain/Abel paradigm as a novel way to understand the cause, effect and solution to our current world crisis as it pertains to the enveloping evil which is successfully encroaching every aspect of our freedom. If you thought the end of godless communism had passed, this book will show you it is alive and well, growing ever stronger! Yikes!

Mr. Cromwell’s effort to guide us through the vast, complex machinations of evil is to be lauded, and studied by anyone concerned with our current state of affairs, especially those believing in God’s providence with “skin in the game.”

I promise you will be filled with a new hope in seeing a way forward on the path of goodness.

For more information take a journey to Thomas’ website:

Review by Jerry Ciemny

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