One morning, as I was moving clean plates and utensils back to their respective places in the cabinet, I found myself saying, “Thank you!” to each item. This made me think, “Oh, if I am showing my gratitude to them, then I should really take care of them!” I then found myself moving and putting each of those items down very carefully and with much respect.

After that, I went about the rest of my morning saying “thank you” to other items in the house. This, in turn, prompted me to clean up while a warm feeling flowed from within.

After that, as I was driving the car, I started to say the same thing to everything around me: the road in front of me, the leafless trees and signs along the road, houses, shops, offices, people, the sky, clouds, the air I breathed, water, etc.

I began to feel that everything around me is sending me a cheer in its own unique way, which I have not been aware of before. At that point, I was moved to tears. I felt like saying “thank you” to them more, feeling some kind of “oneness” or an invisible bond with all the things around me. 

Thinking back on my outlook before this experience, I realized that I have often tried to find the invisible God but have not paid much attention to His visible love reaching out to me in the form of all things around me.

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