“Whatever we face, we have a choice:

Will we be blocked by obstacles, or will

we advance through and over them?”
– Ryan Holiday

All of us face obstacles. Such obstacles can be physical (e.g. size or ability), mental (e.g. knowledge or experience), or emotional (e.g. fear or frustration). Obstacles can also be either real or perceived. Today, we often face more internal obstacles than external ones. Faced with an abundance of options and progress, we’ve grown comfortable, soft and entitled.

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius once wrote: “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” Successful organizations and individuals aren’t crushed by obstacles. They turn adversity into strength to end up even better than before they encountered the obstacles.

In this book, Ryan Holiday consolidates his analyses of ancient philosophers’ works on Stoicism into practical insights and tips to overcome obstacles. These are broken down into 3 disciplines:
 Perception: how you look at your problems;
 Action: how to tackle problems in actionable parts; and
 Will: how to cultivate and maintain your inner being to conquer problems and difficulties.

In this book there are many stories of famous people, those who overcame enormous obstacles and challenges in their lives, that we can learn from. I believe all FPA individuals and families can easily resonate with these stories and benefit greatly from them, as well.

Review by Mark Johnson

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