This movie is based on the true story of parents who fight for the life of their son with a very rare and, until then, incurable disease. Their desperate love for their child and each other drives them to go beyond what was considered possible and actually find a cure for that illness. Some of the most moving moments: when the father literally is given a revelation which leads to a major breakthrough in finding the cure; when the husband & wife finally overcome the conflicts that divide them, find peace together and that leads to the aforementioned breakthrough; the mother’s absolute devotion to her son and faith that his spirit is greater than the illness that debilitates him. Though very painful to watch (as the filmmakers did not shy away from displaying the child’s suffering), it is a very real testimony to the power of true love to resolve ANY problem in this world. It is one of those films that everyone should watch at least once in their lives. Its message will stay with you forever.

Review by Patrick F Nolan

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