Our family recently saw a family friendly version of “A Christmas Carol” for movie night after realizing it was still on our to-watch list. With our younger kids, I decided on an older 1983 30-min cartoon version of this classic movie called “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”. It was a good choice!

I asked my 12-year-old daughter what she thought afterwards for her own review:
“It’s the same old classic Charles Dickens story with an all star Disney cast. Uncle Scrooge McDuck, who is appropriately enough Scrooge, is visited by his late business partner and 3 spirits on Christmas Eve to remind him of the most important things in his life. Ebenezer Scrooge (Uncle of Donald Duck) becomes moved by the spirits of the past, present and future to realize that though others may have less material things, they have more love in their family. They inspired him to share his riches instead of hoarding it, and to live for the greater good. In this movie, I like how Scrooge becomes inspired to love others, and learns to spread cheer instead of being selfish and arrogant.”

After the movie, we had a nice discussion with our kids about what the main lessons were for Scrooge and why it’s important to have the right priorities to live a meaningful life.

We highly recommend this movie to any family for a short but very sweet tale! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 Stars!

Review by Karilee Aoki

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