Are you looking for the most enchanting, heartwarming, and beautifully animated family movie this Christmas? My dad suggested the movie “Klaus” to me, his fully grown adult daughter, two years ago and to be honest I shrugged it off for a few weeks. But then when the family got together over the holidays, we settled on giving the kids’ movie a try. Instant success. Two years later, I’m still talking about my new favorite holiday movie.

“Klaus” is a movie about kindness and the transformative power it has. A once selfish postman teams up with a mysterious and reclusive woodsman who happens to also be a skilled toymaker to bring joy to a cold dark isolated town far in the north.

This is a great movie for children and adults with plenty of humor and tear-jerking moments alike. I hope you’ll give it a try this Christmas.

Review by Naomi MacMurdie

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