“I told the team, ‘We’re going to win.’ And I meant it,” my son told me the day after their 40-6 loss.

Varsity had lost badly to this team last weekend. Every bone in my body said, “They’re going to lose.” But I was surprised that he had started staring the odds in the face and smiling back.

They lost. Part of me wanted to say, “I called it.” But I couldn’t laugh at his optimism.

So I listened. “We lost, but we learned. That means eventually we are going to win. I’m going to make every practice count, every game count. We’re going to win the next game.”

And I stared, slightly in disbelief, but partly because his optimism and faith was calling out my pessimism and lack of faith. And yet, I find myself often working in the field that requires faith. Talk about irony.

I asked slowly, “Where does your optimism come from?”

He smiled. “I met a very wise man at the top of the mountains. He told me, ‘What you think and how you perceive things determines your reality.'”

I nodded, “Good. Don’t lose that. If you keep believing, it will come to pass.”

My son continued, “It’s like God. He never gave up on us. No matter how many times we make mistakes as a humanity, no matter how bad things get, He doesn’t give up. So, in the end, His dream will come true.”

A small smile of a mix of wonder, pride and joy played at the side of my mouth. I was moved at how close and real my boy was feeling God in his life.

There is a Bible quote, Matthew 19:26, “…with God all things are possible.” I think my son just showed me a little bit of how that quote works.

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