By M.I.

My life has been quite a journey so far, and yet there is still so much ahead of me. It’s been hard sometimes, so it’s been important that God was always with me, and I shouldn’t give up.

One of the main people who helped me realize that is my aunt. She taught me so many important things, and I will tell a story of one of the most important things my aunt has taught me.

I was in a middle school workshop, and it was the last day. My aunt was telling us a story. Her story was during her middle school years. During her time at school, she had told us that she discovered a “God whose heart was broken.” He was like an old man, and He was crying. His heart was broken because His children were taken away from Him. This discovery made her want to help people connect to God and have God reunite with His children.  

That story made me realize how much I also want to help God. It also made me more committed to helping complete God’s dream.  

My aunt has taught me important life skills like: self-mastery, knowing my purpose and my mission, understanding my value as a child of God and keeping my standard clear to myself and other people.

I am always grateful for the amazing lessons my aunt has taught me, encouraging me in my relationship with God, to keep Him with me wherever I go. From her, I learned to spread God’s culture wherever I go, with my friends, in my school, and the world.  

But first, I need to work on myself. 

Thank you, Auntie.

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