By M.T.

One Sunday service was about “five percent responsibility”. My mother was trying to explain our responsibility to connect to God’s plan and power. She drew a pie graph, with a sliver for our “five percent”, and a large part representing what she called God’s “ninety-five percent”. At first, it was difficult for me to understand.

That day, my family went on a hike. I volunteered to carry my baby brother in his carry pack. It reminded me of another time when I carried my cousin on the way home from a park. Both times, it wasn’t easy. The kids were heavy and carrying them was tiring. 

I started to talk with my mom about it. She said, “He’s heavy, isn’t it? One day, you will have to carry a lot more. You’ll have to carry your family. You’ll carry your role in helping the world.”

I thought about it. “Yeah. That’s a lot to carry.”

Mom smiled and said, “But remember service this morning about connecting to God’s plan and power? You can carry them when you do it with God. If you carry it alone, it can get pretty heavy, and you might break. But when you tap into God’s ninety-five percent, the impossible is possible.”

Our 5% responsibility and God’s 95% responsibility

As we talked, I realized that’s kind of what five percent responsibility is. It’s not just me carrying everything alone. It’s true. That time it was just a toddler. Eventually, it will be my family and what God needs me to do. My five-percent responsibility is about plugging into the ninety-five percent that God has already prepared to make a full one-hundred-percent circle. That combination makes the impossible, possible.  

It’s like many heroes in human history. They must have faced so many times when they could have died or given up. But they were able to do amazing things because they always had a strong connection with God. They connected back with Him.

I will have many moments where I have to be a hero, even in small ways: in my everyday family life, in my school, in the work that I hope to do for the world. At those moments, I will remember that my five percent responsibility is not to do everything by myself but connecting with God and His ninety-five percent to make miracles come to earth.

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