By M.M.

God makes miracles happen.
I am 11 and I know I am God’s miracle.
And I want to tell everyone, we are all GOD’s miracles! Every single one of us!

Everyone has their own miracle story.
For me, I could have not survived birth or lived even to take my first breath.
But because the doctors gave my mom a special shot that helped my lungs grow, I was born at 3 pounds, but I made it through my first year and a decade more after that!

When I was about 3 years old, I was with some other children with a sitter. It was a very significant and deeply spiritual occasion. My mom had to go help as staff for the ascension ceremony of an important man of God.

Apparently, it was a hot day and the window was open to cool down the house.
I had leaned against the screen to look at the backyard and fell headfirst out of the 2nd story window…

I don’t remember so much.
As I was falling, I fainted.
And a miracle happened.
Somehow, I survived.
My sister says I fell like a leaf.
I missed the bricks and fell gently like I was carried and placed on the ground.
My mom and I often wonder if I was caught by someone special from the spirit world or an angel held me to gently lay me down. But we’ll never know unless we can talk to spirits.

My mom was so worried.
She rushed back after the ceremony and took me to the hospital.
The doctor put a tiny brace around my neck and took image after image. He was surprised because he could not find anything wrong. He said it was a miracle. The small bodies of young children, especially the neck and spine, experience permanent damage, often fatal, from such falls we learned. All the doctor saw that day were a few faint bruises from tiny rocks.

Now, when I look back to that miracle and the fact that I am alive, this tells me that I am GOD’S MIRACLE, and I am here to do something important for the world and for God. So, each day, each moment, I want to do my best to become God’s true daughter, to fulfill my mission, and live up to the hope and reason I am here.

Also, if you have a chance, talk or think about your miracle, think about what your mission is and how you are going to fulfill the responsibility that God gave you. And if you are having trouble thinking about your miracle – the fact that you are living is a miracle! 🙂

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