By H.T.

Two little girls took a walk after school.

One looked up and exclaimed, “Look! The day moon is following me!”

“Day moon” is what they call the moon that shows in the daytime. The second one looked up, too.

“No, it’s following me!”

They stopped and looked up together, pointing and arguing. Who was the day moon following?

Then, one of them stopped to think. She slowly formed a groundbreaking thought, “Maybe it is following both of us!”

The second girl smiled in consent. “Yes, yes! The day moon follows everyone!”

Mom joined the conversation and completed the lesson. “Yes, God is so big, and so high, and His love is so deep that it can reach everyone. Just like the day moon.”

The three walked back together, basking in the presence of the day moon and what it had taught them about God’s love.

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