The following is a note from a tween girl’s diary about her determination to study about God in 2021.

Last year my family started studying about God and His principles as a family. After talking together, we decided to make sure to continue studying in 2021.

At one meeting we made a list of why I want to keep studying. Here is my list. 

  1. I choose to study God’s words is because I learn things every time I do. When I read God’s words, I am not just reading, but I am actually studying it. Some people might ask you, “How much did you read ?” But they should ask “What did you Learn?“ instead.
  2. I read God’s words because it helps me. I learn about God; I learn about His dream; I learn about His love; I learn about how I can live a good life. I learn about people who have helped and hurt history. These things help me know how precious I am. These things help me know how to make choices. They help me create a vision of what I want to be like in 10 years. They help me know what to do when I am feeling bad, or even when I am feeling good.

Here are some important things I’ve learned so far:

  • Sharpen Your Blade of Truth. If I were in a battle to protect my country, but I didn’t get the right equipment, and I didn’t know how to use it, how could I actually protect my country? It is the same for my life. I want to help my world. I want to help God. But if I don’t know truth, how am I going to help? I can guess, but if my guess is wrong, I might even cause problems. Studying helps me know how I can help. And it helps me prepare, mentally and spiritually, to help God.
  • Face Your Arrow Outward. If I am always thinking about myself, my arrow is pointing inward. I would sound like this: “I want this!” “Gimme that!” “Why are you not being nice to me!” “You hurt me!” “ME!” “ME!” “ME !“ I would not be a nice person to be around. But, if I am thinking of others, about God, then my arrow is pointing outward. I would sound like, “What do you want?” “How can I help?” “Let’s find a solution.” I would be a happier person, and I’m sure I would be nicer to be around.
  • Welcome God into My Family. We can experience God’s love deeply and every day in our family. My family is such a special place where I learn to love others, where I learn about God’s love for me and the rest of the world. But, it is up to me to invite God in or leave him out. I hope I can make my family a place where God feels welcomed.
    • My relationship with God is core. It gives me:
      • Purpose
      • Direction
      • Value
      • Big Dreams
    • Be Intentional in Everything. We got this chart to help think about why we do what we do. The goal was to have a bigger purpose behind everything we do. It helps us be more intentional in the actions that we do every day. Here is one example with studying.

I look forward to learning more this year.


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