We have had quite a year, with so many unexpected, unprecedented events, not just in our lives, but in the world.

My son approached me one morning. He sat next to me at the table and asked, “Mom, how do you plan for the future when things are so unsure.”

I could feel how unsettled he felt, I was feeling it, too.

Before I answered, I looked back at some of the pivotal moments in my life: getting married, choosing a career, finding conviction in my faith and values, having him. I slowly answered, “I plan, but I always leave room for God.”

He looked at me quizzically, so I proceeded to give a few examples.

“I always wanted to teach, and I planned accordingly. I went to school with that objective in mind, but there were many detours, often because I followed what I seemed to be God’s priority, not my plan. I have taught in a few classrooms and even eventually got a degree, but so many times it was not as I had imagined. For example, today, I find myself at home with my children and teaching them.”

He seemed to understand a little more. I brought up another example.

“In the state where we live, there was an economic projection of a 5% growth in the economy per year. COVID19 has caused a 2% per month contraction in the economy. We couldn’t plan that, and it is hard, but in this situation, there is something God has in mind for us to learn and change. It is our job to figure out what that is and try to move towards that.”

“So, I should feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations because that means I’m trying to figure out what God has in mind?” he asked back.

I nodded; his conclusion was better than my answer. “Yes, when things are most uncertain, we can lean on God the most, seek out His wisdom and His blessings. Those moments are we come to understand Him more, His grace, His power, and His goodness.”

My son smiled, and said, “Thank you,” before he left the table.

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