This is a short excerpt of an interview Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak had earlier this year.  In this excerpt he shared his first encounter with the living God. 

In my earlier years when I was young and first started learning about God and Spirit World, I wanted evidence to know of its existence. I tried kneeling down to pray, asking for evidence that God exists and proof that the spirit world exists.  I know that my life still did not have consistent prayer or devotion, but within three days, what I can only describe as a “holy fireball” bigger than the sun came into my heart during my sleepless dreams. I remember how hot and amazing it was. I was so surprised that I sat up. My intuition told me that this indeed was the living God, and in that moment, I came to also know there indeed was a Spirit World.  It seemed as if my intuition was rebuking me, “How could you doubt God, foolish child.” So, without a moment more of thinking, I fell to my knees right then and there and prayed, saying, “God, my Father, You truly exist.  I am sorry for questioning Your existence. And there also is a Spirit World, and I am sorry I had doubted You. Please forgive me.” Even though it was not a formal and orderly prayer, these words flowed out from me. From that time on, I have lived always feeling God’s love, and I have given my life to honor Him and serve His Providence.

God’s love makes me feel like the heart and body are warmly embraced and surrounded by God at once and infinite gratitude springs from deep within me. This warmth and vitality fills me and enthralls me.

Throughout my life, inevitably I have come to face various difficulties and hardships. There were times that were very painful.  However, deep in my heart, there was always the love of God. I would close my eyes and call out to God, and when I called out, a feeling of gratitude would spring up in a way where I immediately feel hot, a warmth fills my body, there is a catch in my throat, and my heart pounds with tears of joy.

I am now 85 years old. I have lived a blessed life during which I was loved beyond measure.

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