My dear children,

This world is not the world I wished you would have to grow up in.

I look to the future, and sometimes it looks so uncertain.

I look at what surrounds you, and sometimes I weep.

I wish you didn’t have to see and experience what this world is.

But, then, in all of it, there is one thing that makes me rejoice.

You are alive, you are here, and you are loved and adored by God.

The other day, I was in the kitchen, washing a mountain of dishes, humming to David Crowder.

When I sang the stanza, “Oh, how He loves us, Oh, how He loves us,” I couldn’t stop my tears. This simple truth is worth fighting for; every person deserves to know and experience this simple truth.

If my heart exploded with joy the day I saw your image on the ultrasound, if my heart grew tenfold the day I first held you and saw your little eyes, how much more did He rejoice?

If I was giddy with delight when you took your first steps, how much more did He revel in your growth?

If I am in awe of your transformation from child to adolescent teen, how much is He nodding at how perfect His design is?

If I am excited by the thought of your future, the mark you will leave on this world, the type of spouse and parent you will become, the grandchildren I may hold someday, how much more is He waiting in anticipation to see the type of man and woman you become?

There is only one you, and you will express His truth, His righteousness, His goodness and His beauty in a way that only you can. And it is so wonderful to behold at every stage – even though it doesn’t come easy.

So, when things are hard, when you feel lost, when my hugs and words can’t reach you, I hope and pray that there is one thing you will always hold onto – that you are infinitely loved by your Heavenly Father. Remember, “He loves us.” God is always there, to encourage, to believe, to lead, and to make the unfathomable possible, if only we hold His outstretched hand and say, “I love you, too.”

And for those experiences, of being so loved by God, of being so in love with God, the challenges of the world, the tears, the bruises, are well worth it.

Live boldly, live for His love.



And I realize how beautiful you are

And how great your affections for me


Oh how He loves us so

Oh how He loves us

How He loves us so

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