I just want to share a link I hope you all will find as inspiring as I have:

Simon Cowell’s Top 4 “I Know What I’m Doing” Moments

This is Simon Cowell, a well known talent scout and judge on several talent competitions. In this particular video, he would stop a performance to ask the contestant to sing a different song that can better bring out his or her voice and talent. It was incredible to see what a change in a song could do. That single intervention from Simon potentially changed the trajectory of that contestant’s life.

I watched one particular episode over and over and over again. I played it while I drove, washing dishes and cooking. My children heard these same four songs playing over and over and over again. I was listening but my heart was lost in thought as I’d play this over and over. Curious, they began to ask me what I’m watching and why. I quietly answered, “I am just in awe at how he can not only see someone has innate talent but can find a way to pull that out and make it shine. I want to be able to do that.”

As parents, I think we all want to have this superpower for our children. To see their unique and beautiful gifts and have the magic to pull them out and nurture them into greatness. As I walk down the streets, go to a playground, or lead a Sunday small group discussion, I keep wanting to be like Simon Cowell. I want to pull out the best in people and make them believe in themselves, make the world believe in them.

As people of faith, we live and serve to become extensions of God’s love and grace in this world. We want to be the light of hope and comfort to those around us, but more than that, we want to be able to help each person become who God designed them to be.

I want to possess or – perhaps I should say – cultivate my heart and capacity to love in this way. I wish to develop the ability to not only believe in a person but to see the innate goodness in him or her and to identify what I can put in place – an environment, exercise, program, mentorship, or project – that will draw that out, to make it shine.

Every person is a son or daughter of God. Therefore, each holds in him or her the seed of God and the innate potential to resemble God, our parent. We each can be part of helping to water, nurture, care for those seeds so they can grow into the beautiful beings they were created to be.

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