Clear skies during the Northwestern Autumn are few and far between. Last night, the thunderstorms in the morning had cleared just long enough for my children to hurry outside and catch the last few precious rays of the sun.

My daughter was pedaling away on her pink bike when suddenly she stopped. I walked up to see what had happened and she pointed to the horizon and whispered, “I love the sky when the sun goes down.” I turned to see where her little finger pointed and caught my breath. It was beautiful – the light blue and purple sky was streaked with pink and orange.

“Did you know, God paints the sunset?” I asked her. Her eyes widened in awe.

Of course, there are scientific explanations, all of which are equally as awe-inspiring when we realize God’s beautiful design of the universe. The same God who can paint sunsets and knows each star by name is the same God that cares deeply for each of us.

My daughter painted the beautiful sunset to capture God’s love He shows us through His creation.

I shared this thought with my daughter who was still looking at the sky. She pondered, “Wow, he is so big, yet he cares for something so small.”

Awash of gratitude fell over me at this sentiment. I am loved by a God who is so powerful and so big. With just that fact, I felt, despite all the challenges in life, despite the craziness of the world, in the end, His Will will be done.

Later that night in her prayer, my daughter prayed, “God, thank you for the sunset, and thank you for loving us so much.”

How lucky we are to have His love.

How blessed we are. In Him, all things seem possible.

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