By Maruko Breland

My dearest son,

You came into our lives the morning of the day before Thanksgiving. You decided to come a week early, and I said to your father, “Well, we’ll have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!” Every Thanksgiving is a reminder of that precious and most important day, and all the blessings that God gives to us each day with your presence. So here’s to you, my Thanksgiving baby.  

When you were placed into my arms for the first time and let out your first cry, I remember looking at you and thinking, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.” My child, you confirmed for me what I always believed, that a child is the greatest gift anyone can be given. You’ve shown me that parenthood is a gift that keeps on giving in the greatest and most meaningful ways. So here I want to share with you and the world some of the many things I am grateful to you for:

Thank you for your smile, which you give freely to all. It’s the first thing most people notice about you, and it sure brightens the day of anyone who sees it. 

Thank you for your curiosity and discovery of new things each day. You give Mommy the chance to see things with renewed appreciation. Through you, I get to rediscover the world, too.

Thank you for your love for nature. I often joke that you love it so much you could probably live outside! I’m sure it brings God great joy to see you so enamored by His Creation. 

Thank you for your courage. I know it must have been scary to pet a dog for the first time, but you didn’t back away. You inched closer and closer until you gave him 2 nice pats on the back, and you walked away with confidence. Already, you’ve earned great respect from me.

Thank you for eating my meals, and doing a happy dance when they’re really good. 

Thank you for asking, “Mama, are you okay?” whenever I stub my toe. Your words alone make me feel so much better. 

Thank you for making my parents into grandparents. It’s always been their dream and my dream for them to one day have grandchildren. You made that a reality. 

Thank you for allowing your Dad and me to experience the deepest kind of love – parental love. Sure, it requires sacrifice, but you make every bit of it more than worth it. Thank you for making us better people than we ever would have been without you. 

Thank you for being the greatest proof to Daddy and me of God’s existence. Through you, we see God every day. You are truly our miracle.

Look at all you’ve done for Mommy already, just by 2 years of age! And you know what? This list of things that I’m thankful to you for will keep growing every day. I thank God each day for you, my child, and for giving me the honor of being your mom. 

Love you always,

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