1. When God gives you an opportunity, seize it with all your heart and might. You’ll not regret it.
  2. God never gives up on us. Let that motivate you in all that you do

M is going into 8th Grade this year. He had some deep realizations during a summer workshop hosted by FPA-USA. Here are his top 2.

There are 2 very important things that I learned during the workshop.

The first was during sports day. We had to do an assorted amount of sports like blanket volleyball and relay races. What was really important was that we needed to give 110%. And we all gave more than 110 percent during soccer. There was this moment where I had cramped my leg and the game took a pause for a little bit. I had a choice to sit out.

It reminded me of one of my football practices where my feet started hurting because my cleats were too small and I have flat feet. I could have kept playing, but I sat out for the rest of my football practice.

I realized had that same opportunity when I cramped my leg during the workshop, and instead of sitting out, I wanted to keep playing. This same opportunity gave me a chance to end on a good note. So, I chose to keep playing.

The lesson was that when God gives you an opportunity, you should take it and keep going until the end. I felt very accomplished that I took that opportunity and kept going until the end.

Another realization I had was on the last day. One of the talks was about God’s heart. The speaker shared how she realized God is actually a heartbroken parent that wants his children back. As a parent, he has never given up on his children. It is one thing to just say I want to be God’s instrument, but it is another thing to say I want to be his instrument because I know his heart of sorrow towards his children. I want to do my best for Him.

From this summer on, I want to take ownership of my life of faith. I know it will be about daily practice, but I will work on it.

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