We hadn’t gone to 7-Eleven in a while because of the quarantine. But on the way home that day, we decided to stop by to get my little girl a treat. Excited, my daughter picks out her favorite: a donut with pink frosting. And that day the pink donuts even had sprinkles.  

Once she got in the car, she so excitedly opened the wrapping around the donut, something they had started to do because of COVID-19.

Before eating anything, our kids say a small prayer: “Thank you God! I will eat this with joy/I will use this well / I will drink this with joy/ etc.” 

And then we take some time to think of all the things for which we can be grateful to God.  

It goes a little something like this:

Mom: Honey, what can we be grateful for?

Daughter lifts up her hands.

Mom: Yes! What if we didn’t have hands? How would you open the bag?

And she wiggles her fingers. 

Mom: And your fingers, yes. How would you grab the donut? 

And she tries to open the bag and hold the donut without hands or fingers.  

Mom: And what if you didn’t have a mouth?

She makes the cutest face, closing her mouth and opening her eyes wide.  

Mom: How would you eat the yummy donut?

Mom (cont.): So, let’s say, thank you, God, for my hands and fingers so I can open the bag and take out the donut. Thank you for my eyes that can see the yummy donut and see the pink one with sprinkles that I wanted. And thank you for my nose that can smell the delicious donut. 

At this point, she smells the donut, a wide smile on her face.

Mom: Thank you for my mouth and teeth that can eat the donut. And thank you for my tongue and taste buds so I can taste the yummy donut and enjoy it.  

And we repeat our prayer together: “Thank you God for this donut! I will eat this with joy!”

And I say: enjoy it. And let God enjoy it with you. He really wants you to be happy and enjoy it. So, invite Him to be with you.  

I love doing this with my children and finding God in every little, small, medium and big thing we encounter. I want them to see God’s design of love in everything little thing. To see that we were made in love, for love, with love. I want them to experience God, cherish God, and live with God. And then be the agents to share that immense love with the world.   

Today my older girls still pray, reciting all the ways they can be grateful. They now walk through the prayer with the younger ones. There’s a certain sense of happiness fluttering in my heart as I hear them pray together and think through all the ways they can be grateful to God. 

As a parent who feels so embraced by God’s love and blessed by Him, I want to raise children who consciously seek His presence and invite God to be a part of every moment of every day. I know the first step is to find the ways to be grateful in every moment of their day: from eating something yummy to watching something funny, to even doing their school work.

I want to raise children who walk through life together with their God. 

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