Some notes for dad: 

Thank you for your love.

I am especially lucky to have a father like you who makes sure I am healthy and strong.

You push me to be better, try my hardest even when I fail.

Make sure I am prepared and have eaten my meals.

I love it when you secretly buy sweet things for us to eat without telling mom and laugh when she always finds out.

Dad’s coffee is the best coffee.

When I’m sick you are always worried.

You make sure I eat the best medicine and do the most to help me recover.

When I’m cold you give me your warmest jacket even though that would leave you without.

When I’m too hot you lower the temperature even when it’s too cold for you.

You’re the person who makes me laugh the most.

You have the best reactions when I tease you, and so gullible too!

But you get me back sometimes… sometimes.

From the side, I see what you go through and admire your hard work and effort.

You inspire me to see from a bigger perspective through my lowest points and understand my faults.

I hope when I grow up, I become an even better person than you, but that seems so hard.

When I cry, you always try your hardest to comfort me, and secretly I am amused and grateful.

When you make me cry, I know you cry too.

I know it isn’t easy to be my father.

Sometimes I am very rude and throw all my anger unto you.

Why are we the worst to the ones we love the most?

It is because we know that no matter what we do you will always be there for us until the end.

And that is why I will always love you too!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

With love,
Your favorite child



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