By Kenshu Aoki

As parents, I think it’s important to have a special relationship with each of our children because no two children are exactly alike. I am a dad of five children and each child has a unique place in my heart. In this video below, I share about my relationship with my oldest son, Sean who recently turned 9. One challenge he has had since a toddler is dealing with his emotions – especially when he felt anger, frustration and anxiety. It was difficult for the whole family when he would have his meltdowns – and it always happened at seemingly the worst time and place. I decided to commit myself as a dad to make sure he knew that I believed in him, I am dedicated to him and that I will love him forever no matter what. I hope this little story is encouraging for all parents that are trying to connect with their child in a deeper way. There’s no shortcut – it takes dedication and patience. But the reward is priceless.

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