We had a clogged sink. First, we noticed the water started draining slower. Gradually, it stopped draining at all. And that is when we panicked. A clogged anything is not a good thing, let alone the bathroom sink.

We tried liquid plumber to clear the pipes. That, we thought would unclog anything. But after running the hot water, the water still would not drain.

That is when we decided to go under to investigate. First, I removed the elbow to see if any blockage was there. The pipe was clear. Then I braced myself to go further down, but first, I check the stopper in the sink. I prodded the pipe above with a stick, and sure enough, whatever was there, loosened and the water began to flow. I was relieved I wouldn’t have to go any deeper into the pipes, but it did make me realize, our spirits, our hearts are like sink pipes in a way. If we allow debris to continually flow through it, without taking time occasionally to clear the blockages, the water stops flowing, and when the water stops flowing, things become stagnant, and smelly.

I was lucky that the blockage was just in the sink stopper, but what if it had been deeper in the system? I would have to go into the walls, saw the pipes and remove the block. Aren’t there moments in life where we have to go that deep and are surprised at what we find? Those moments in our life, where we have to do major surgery of the spirit and heart are turning points. And while they are sometimes painful, and take a lot of time, and some outside expertise, they help prepare for what life really should be, and not just how we can survive with those major blockages. Furthermore, if we make sure to have daily, monthly, yearly habits or traditions that help us clear our spirits and hearts, we can make sure that the water continues to run.

Fixing my sink, I came to realize how important the family is in providing these opportunities to clear our spirit and mind together. We also have in our immediate and extended families, people with wisdom, and experience who can help us with the more major surgeries.

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