April is a special month for many faiths. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday into Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, ending on Easter Sunday. The Jewish people will remember their journey out of slavery and God’s promise to their people during Passover. And the holy month of Ramadan takes place for those of the Muslim faith. 

What a great opportunity for families to learn about the history and story of other faith traditions, and respect and honor their spiritual heritage. 


Learn about the founding story of the first Easter and the day Jesus had risen. 

Video links for the Simple Easter Story for Young Children

Video links for the Detailed Easter Story for Older Children

Activities Links for Easter

Purchase a downloadable easter story flip book here.

Purchase a downloadable story eggs here.

Free printable “make an easter story wreath” here.

Free downloadable easter story packet here.


Movie Recommendation: Prince of Egypt

Children’s Bible Story: Story of Passover

  1. Moses and the Passover Story
  2. God’s Story: Passover


Learn about the Seder plate and the gathering the Jewish people have every year as the elders tell the story of Passover. Each food represents a part of the journey of their people out of slavery.

Activity Links for Passover:


Step by Step directions available here.

Understand the Seder plate:

Purchase your downloadable file here.

Purchase your set here


Some good reads: Resources for Adults to learn about the Story of Passover

  1. What is Passover
  2. Everything You Need to Know about Passover
  3. Passover: Pesach 1010
  4. New York Times:‘That Is What We Do’: The Power of Passover and Tradition Across Generations


Good reads and videos for non-Muslims to understand and respect Ramadan

  1. The Shukr Blog: Explaining Ramadan to Your Non-Muslim Friends
  2. It’s Ramadan! A Guide For Non-Muslims On What The Holy Month Is And How To Be Helpful
  3. Explaining Ramadan to non-Muslims
  4. Ramadan Guide for Non-Muslims
  5. What is Ramadan? Fun Facts about Ramadan (Social Studies Cartoon)

Other resources I found insightful to see how families and the children observe Ramadan. This includes recipes for treats, prayers corners for children, journals for observing a month of gratitude and giving, children doing their first fast of something before they do a full fast at 12, and and retelling of how Ramadan began:

Ramadan from the reflections of children:

A storybook about Ramadan:

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