Making time to get together as a family or an extended family is important. What you do together is not as important as the fact that you do, but sometimes we like to have a little help to know what to do once we’re all together.

Here is a list of some family games you can play together. Get those creative juices flowing and have fun!

1. What Am I?

Pick a category (fruit, vegetable, country, animal, etc.). One person decides something for the chosen category and gives everyone two or three clues.

Whoever guesses the item wins. Get ready for giggles.

2. What’s your favorite?

How well do you know each other?

Write a list of ten questions about things you like, are interested in, etc. (Your favorite movie, favorite website, favorite food, etc.)

Pick one person (Person A) to answer all the questions by writing his or her answers down on a separate piece of paper. Don’t show this to anyone!

One by one, go through each favorite. Everyone writes down his or her guess of what that person likes. When everyone is finished guessing, Person A announces his or her answer. The person who gets the most correct wins!

3. Card games

It’s a great time to pull out the stack of cards and learn some time-tested favorites. There are a lot of different options from the simple games young children can enjoy like Go Fish and War to games that use brainpower and fast action like Slapjack or Rummy. Spoons is also a fun and hilarious game (played with a deck of cards and some spoons) and Old Maid is a classic game worth learning! Our family also enjoys Sevens.

The links above show you how to play them! 

But, honestly – the best way to learn how to play a game is from people who already know how to play them. Take the opportunity to make game night a night of learning from each other different games the kids learned from their friends or adults played as kids!

4. Board games

This is a great time to dust off your board games or invest in some classics for some good family fun. From Checkers, Chinese Checkers to Scrabble, from Life to newer classics like Seven Wonders, investing in a few board games can make family game night super fun.

Share with us other board games your family loves!

5. Lego contests

Ready! Set! Build! Get your children’s (and adults’) creative juices going with a lego contest. Set some challenge and give everyone some legos. Then work on building something such as: your dream room, a new kind of animal, or even work together to make a house, etc. (For younger children – try Mega Bloks or Duplo building sessions too!)

6. Pictionary or Charades

You choose! Do you want to draw it out or act it out? Either one will give you hours of family fun and good laughs. For some help on coming up with Charades lists or Pictionary words, here are great sites to help with word/idea generation: Charades Idea Generator, Game Gal Word Generator, or Random Word Generator.

Charades for Kids is good for acting out for kids four and up. This video shows you how to play both Pictionary and another game called Kerplunk.

7. Guess that song

You can choose a genre or just a selection of your family favorites. Find the songs on YouTube and play just a short segment (the musical rendition makes it harder and more fun for the older children).

You can also have players hum a tune (without words). Both are fun, the humming one is easier and doesn’t require setup.

8. YouTube Karaoke

Hook up your computer to the monitor or turn on your SmartTV to YouTube and get ready to belch out your favorite songs from the top of your lungs!  Even prepare a makeshift mic for the singer and tambourines and make-shift drums for the onlookers.

9. Build a fort/camp/castle

Use your cardboard boxes and use your tools to create your children a magical experience! Here are some online resources to make an EPIC cardboard creation! 

10. Go on a camping trip indoors

Going camping can be as easy as pulling together your kitchen chairs and making a cover with a sheet. Or you can go as far as pitching a real tent (indoors) or making a room-wide camping extravaganza. However you do it, it will be full of adventure and fun! Make some camp-themed food, give the kids a few flashlights, and cover the floor with sleeping bags. The children will have a blast! Here is a great page with indoor camping ideas: 

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