Seattle, Washington: High School students from Seattle’s Core Values Academy presented lectures for the community on Saturday, April 22. Working as partners or individually, lecturers addressed important topics including the characteristics of God, spirit world and the purpose of creation. Audience members included parents and CVA Middle School students who were engaged in question and answer sessions following each presentation. Brothers and sisters from Core Values for Life also attended, participating as evaluators for the evening, asking hard-hitting questions and sharing advice to improve presentation skills.

CVA High School teachers tallied up points from the evaluation to determine the top lecture team. Congratulations to the winning team: lecturers Kent Mayoya and Pilsung Kwak, with research and creative assistance from team member Naomi Mayoya.

CVA Principal Maruko Breland shared, “The purpose of this is to not just know it in our heads but to really embody it in our lives. I hope that the high schoolers feel a better sense of doing so after this experience.”

“You guys did a great job. I can see you guys coming to my university… and that’s really inspiring. You really owned it and presented very well and I was really impressed.”
CVL Sister

(Age 27)

“It’s a really great idea because it encourages creative thinking and critical thinking; not just reciting something but thinking, ‘Why is this important?’ and thinking about how it is relevant.”
CVL Sister

(Age 26)

“I like the focus on the perspective that God is the center of Providence because it helped me understand that it’s important to bring God into especially the Three Great Blessings. It’s a good perspective to have.”
CVL Brother

(Age 29)

“Everyone took it seriously and asked many questions, really focusing on the presentations and how to help the presenters improve. I look forward to that progression. You have to imagine from God’s viewpoint, it’s like a new wave of truth-tellers coming into societies. It’s very important.”
Howard Self

President, FPA-USA

“They say you learn the most when you teach it…new opportunities to teach Principle is good. I like how everyone was pretty serious in preparing for it. I saw before that people were rehearsing and taking it seriously. I was inspired by that.”
Community Parent

(Age 35)

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