“I felt like a new bud, pushing and fighting to break the surface of the soil and springing up, refreshed and alive.”

Hikers overlook Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington state

Hiking in nature is one of the most challenging and satisfying ways to learn more about yourself and others and tune in to our purpose as God’s creation.

Gratitude and adventure: this is exactly what some young adults of the FPA community in Seattle experienced on their hike to Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington state last weekend.

Organized as a send-off to a beloved sister who would be returning home to Japan after a full year in the Seattle community, the hikers were amazed by the beautiful weather. “It was like this day was made just for her,” said one sister about Misato Matsuoka.

Family Peace Association encourages outdoor adventures like this one because it fosters self-reflection and spiritual growth. When we are freed from the distractions of modern civilization, we are given the opportunity to see ourselves for who we really are, affected equally by nature, no matter our status in society, and think deeply about our attitude and goals.



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